Magos Venatus


WS – 35
BS – 42
S – 51
T – 52
AG – 32
INT – 53
PER – 33
WP – 35
FEL – 29

Wounds – 14
Insanity – 11
Corruption – 0
Fate Points – 2

  • Common Craftsmanship Boltgun
  • Good Craftsmanship Power Axe
  • Good Craftsmanship Omnissiah Axe
  • Good Craftsmanship Mass Driver
  • Best Craftsmanship Plasma Pistol
  • Good Craftsmanship Dragon Armor – Armor 8+1 all
  • Enforcer Light Carapace – Armor 5 all
  • Good Quality Augar Array
  • Good Quality Bionic Heart
  • Common Quality Gastral Bionic
  • Good Quality Mind Impulse Unit
  • Good Quality Cortex Implants
  • Enhanced Potentia Coil
  • Common Weapon MIU

Venatus was born on Ryza devoted to making equipment for the Imperial war machine. Believing to be mentally handicapped as a child due to his inability to learn the many basics skills, he was believe useless to the forge world and was nearly sentenced to death until he stopped a plasma engine from overloading at the age of 14 with no training. Immediately accepted into the ranks of the Mechanicus after, he spent his time learning how to craft a variety of technological marvels from his teacher. When it came to plasma and electromagnetism, however he bested all other techpriests of his level, but was terrible with everything else compared to most. The Magos of Ryza decided that he would be more valuable exploring the galaxy’s ruins to finding and repairing lost technology. This is because lost technology is many times more valuable and can seem almost alien to those who are not smart enough. Venatus was firstly sent to the forge world of Het to join with a Mechanicus exploration fleet that was leaving in a few months.

Magos Venatus

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