Arch-Militant Alexander Degtyarev

Ex-Valhallan Ice Warrior. Driver and Dynamic Entry Specialist.


Weapon Skill – 36
Ballistic Skill – 61
Strength – 38
Toughness – 42
Agility – 42
Intelligence – 35
Perception – 41
Willpower – 42
Fellowship – 30

Acrobatics Lip Reading
Awareness – Trained|+10% Literacy – Trained
Barter – Basic Logic – Basic
Blather Medicae – Trained
Carouse – Basic Navigation
Charm – Basic Performer___________
Chem-Use Performer___________
Ciphers Pilot (Space Craft) – Trained
Climb – Basic Pilot___________
Command – Basic Pilot___________
Commerce Psyniscience
Common Lore (War) – Trained Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) – Trained
Common Lore (Imperial Guard) – Trained Scholastic Lore___________
Common Lore___________ Scholastic Lore___________
Common Lore___________ Scholastic Lore___________
Concealment – Basic Scrutiny – Basic
Contortionist – Basic Search – Basic
Deceive – Basic Secret Tongue (Military) – Trained
Demolition – Trained Security
Disguise – Basic Shadowing
Dodge – Trained Silent Move – Basic
Drive (Ground Vehicle) – Trained Sleight of Hand
Drive (Walker Vehicle) – Trained Speak Language (Low Gothic) – Trained
Evaluate – Basic Speak Language___________
Forbidden Lore (Pirates) – Trained Speak Language___________
Forbidden Lore___________ Speak Language___________
Forbidden Lore___________ Survival
Forbidden Lore___________ Swim – Basic
Gamble – Basic Tech-Use
Inquiry – Basic Tracking
Interrogation Trade
Intimidate – Trained Wrangling
Talents & Traits
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Thrown Weapon Training (Universal)
Sound Constitution
Nerves of Steel
Leap Up
Constant Combat Training
Quick Draw
Peer (Arbites)
Peer (Military)
Hatred (Orks)
Hatred (Mutants)
Hatred (Chaos)

Wounds – 13
Insanity – 7
Corruption – 0
Fate Points – 4


Best Craftsmanship Hellgun with mounted Motion Predictor

Best Craftsmanship Power Sword


Enforcer Light Carapace – Armor 5 all

Alexander Degtyarev’s Mother and Father were both Guardsmen of the 58th Valhallan Armored Regiment (“Howling Wind”) on a Fortress World that was the site of a Chaos incursion. While there, Degtyarev was born. He became somewhat of the Regiment’s unofficial mascot as a child, learning how to be an Imperial Guardsman and, more importantly, a tanker, from the moment he could speak and walk. When he turned 16, command just added him to the official list of soldiers, and assigned him to be the left sponson gunner of a Leman Russ Battle Tank.

At the age of 21, his company, 4th Company (“Avalanche”)and 5th Company (“Polar”) participated in the Purging of Telemark, a city in the Northern region of the planet that fell entirely to Chaos. It was during this battle that he was promoted to Corporal and became the driver of the Leman Russ, “Sons of the Motherland”.

5 years later, Chaos forces decided to assault the 58th Armored Regiment’s Headquarters. 1st (“Blizzard”), 2nd (“Snowdrift”), 3rd (“Tundra”) and 4th Companies held the line against the hordes, earning Degtyarev a promotion to Sergeant and Tank Commander. He held the rank of Sergeant for 2 years, until the Chaos hordes attacked the Forward Operating Base of 4th and 6th (“Glacier”) Companies. Unbeknownst to them, the Cultists had successfully summoned a small contingent of Chaos Space Marines and Bloodletters from the Fire Reavers warband. These summoned forces were enough to hit back at 4th and 6th companies, both taking heavy losses. Sgt. Degtyarev and the rest of 4th and 6th Companies would have been completely overrun if not for 2nd Company responding to the call for reinforcements along with Imperial Navy Air Support and Basilisk Artillery support from a neighboring regiment.

4th and 6th Companies, both having taken heavy losses (with 6th Company hit hardest), were consolidated and reformed to bring 4th Company back to full strength while 6th company was reformed as a Supply and Support Company, containing rear echelon and non-combat personnel. It was during this reorganization that Sgt. Alexander Degtyarev was discharged from the Imperial Guard due to a Munitorium mix-up caused by the large amount of bureaucratic red tape. Not one to complain, Degtyarev was discharged, taken off world and dropped off at a Valhallan space port, where he immediately accepted a job as a mercenary.

4 years of freelance work, including jobs in a Hive in the middle of a mutant uprising and a planet under an Ork Waaagh!, neither of which positive experiences, finally lands him in a bar in the Koronus Expanse, and sharing a drink with the man known as Boris.

Arch-Militant Alexander Degtyarev

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