Profit Margins and Heretics

Bull Grox Wrasslin and a Walking Blender

Session 4

Writing this down for posterity and to retell on /tg/. – Justin

People involved (using in-game and Skype names):
Michael – GM
Myself – Arch-Militant Alexander Degtyarev
William – Rogue Trader Alucard
Kelson – Astropath Transcendent Sem Vitorre
Post – Seneschal Sigmund Vendigroth
Chris – Tau Arch-Militant Viro’la
Doom – Explorator Venatus
Dakka – Incubus-in-training Dhrazkael

We landed on Los Vagos, a paradise world dedicated to gambling, booze, whores, and anything else you could imagine to meet our new Rogue Trader, considering our previous Rogue Trader was killed by the Kroot member of our party when it went absolutely bonkers. Our party decides to split up. Sem, Degtyarev, and Sigmund go to meet the new Rogue Trader, Alucard. Viro’la goes off to gamble, Venatus goes with him to keep an eye on him, and Dhrazkael follows Venatus and Viro’la because of reasons (I have no clue why). Sem’s group finds Alucard’s room in the High Roller Suite, and we enter. To the sight of 4 naked men, 3 naked women, and a Bull Grox all in a pile on the bed in the center of the room. Under all of this is a fully clothed Alucard wondering why there are 3 uninvited guests in his room. We introduce ourselves and go to a private area of a bar to discuss business. As this is happening, Viro’la is playing slots and hits jackpot. The floor manager comes over and offers him a High Roller Suite and has one of the girls (dressed as a Playboy bunny) lead him there. Venatus and Dhrazkael, being suspicious, follow at a distance. Their suspicions are confirmed when Viro’la is led to the kitchen instead of the suite. Someone apparently wanted Tau meat, and they’re willing to oblige. One of the casino’s guards attempts to knock Viro’la out and misses, and the Tau becomes surrounded by 2 more guards and and the head chef at a distance throwing cutlery. Venatus radios Degtyarev about the situation, and runs off, with Sem, Alucard, and Sigmund in tow. Degtyarev grabs the Grox from the Rogue Trader’s room and rides to the kitchen. One floor above the kitchen, Degtyarev places det-cord on the floor, gets on the Grox, and detonates.

The guards and chef, seeing the ceiling above them explode, may not have been enough to surprise them, but the Drunken Valhallan Arch-Militant riding a bull grox with a Power Sword in one hand and a bottle of Vodka in the other surely gave them pause.


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